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Wheeling Lampung's Efforts to Introduce Roller Skates in Lampung.

Not many people know that Lampung Province has always won the title of overall champion in every roller skating championship. Starting from the local, national to international championships, the Wheeling Lampung roller skating club has always been followed. "Not many people know, never been blown up," explained the founder of Wheeling Lampung Suci Aprodity to Tribunlampungwiki.com, Wednesday (18/3/2020).


In the near future, Wheeling Lampung will hold a national roller skating championship at an elementary school in Bandar Lampung. The hope is that through this event, the echo of roller skates in Lampung will increase and be better known. Previously, Wheeling had held a similar competition in 2014.

However, due to difficulties in finding a place that can facilitate these activities, wheelers have to be patient for up to 6 years. "National events have standards, and Lampung doesn't support it, if you want to use it you have to pay dearly," he explained.

It cannot be done in just any place, roller skates need a training ground with a smooth surface like a basketball court. However, because Lampung does not yet have a special place, Wheeling Lampung finally takes advantage of the existing facilities, namely the Saburai Sports Center.

"The only place that can be used (on a large scale), yes Saburai," he said. Not to mention the slanted assumption that playing roller skating can damage the existing route. In fact, the wheels on the skates are designed to be smooth and do not cause marks. "In other cities we even play in malls, if we are in GOR it is difficult for reasons of fear of damage," he explained. He hopes that the government in the future can care more about roller skating athletes.

"It's a shame, we have a lot of athletes but we don't have any support," he said. In fact, in other provinces roller skating has received serious support from the local government. Starting from the place, the cost of participating in competitions and others.



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